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Responsible and Sustainable Investing We do not assess Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Factors that may have investment ramifications, and which may have a material impact on the investment’s long-term financial performance. As a result, information on ESG Factors does not form part of our investment decision making process. Negative and positive screening We may, at our discretion, actively engage with our clients to understand whether they have concerns about specific activities and / or industries in order to exclude such investments on an on-going basis. In such cases, we undertake – to the extent possible – to screen target entities and /or products that promote and provide solutions that are consistent with ESG Factors and, shall aim at recommending / and or investing in such products on an on-going basis, in so far as possible. Exclusions We will not knowingly invest in entities involved in the following activities: - arms manufacturing; and - genetically modified organisms. We will assess these types of investments on a case-by-case basis and any potential for indirect exposure is carefully considered and factored into investment selection. Principle Adverse Impacts We do not undertake an assessment of the Principal Adverse Impacts (“PAIs”) of our decisions on ESG Factors. PAIs are those impacts arising from a particular decision taken which we take that will eventually have a negative effect on ESG Factors. Kindly for a full copy of our ESG Policy. Alignment of Remuneration Policy with sustainability investments In line with our Remuneration Policy, no variable remuneration is paid to our staff unless it is determined to be justified following a performance assessment based on quantitative (financial) as well as qualitative (non-financial) criteria. Due to this very limited impact on the risk-profile of our clients, as well as the nature of our business, we deem that there is no risk of misalignment with the integration of the sustainability risks, if any, in our investment decision making process. As such, we believe that our existing structures are sufficient to prevent excessive risk taking in respect of sustainability risks, if any.

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Prior to making an investment a Potential Investor must understand and carefully evaluate the Investment Strategy of the Fund and inherent risks, such as: risk of not achieving the investment objective, erosion of capital, exchange rate risk, net asset value fluctuations, lack of diversification, leverage risk, risks related to use of derivatives, short sale risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, volatility and illiquidity of markets, tax and legal risks, restriction or suspension of redemption rights, dependence on key individuals, third parties default risk, emerging markets and countries risk and other risks.


About Provenance

Provenance SICAV PLC is licensed as a Collective Investment Scheme qualifying as Maltese UCITS under licence number CIS/351A by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Our flagship strategy is the Luxury Brands Fund, which seeks to offer long-term capital appreciation by investing in international equities of companies engaged in offering luxury good or services.

Provenance deploys a highly experienced investment committee, which spans over 50 years of combined experience in asset management across multiple market cycles.

The committee conforms to the highest professional standards, blending unparalleled experience, comprehensive market research and in-depth industry knowledge.

Our combined resources seek to deliver superior investment performance through high conviction investing and rigorous risk management process.

An eye for
the finer things

From super yachts to diamond jewelry, prestige cars to haute couture fashion, luxury brands encompass a glittering array of premium products synonymous with timeless elegance, exclusivity and indulgence.

Luxury brands are renowned across the globe for their superior quality and craftsmanship. For the owner, they convey an image of success, status and style. They are part of a lifestyle to which consumers all over the world aspire to belong.

In economic terms, luxury goods are the ones for which the law of demand tends to reverse – the higher the price, the greater the demand.

World renowned brands
of distinction

The world economy is evolving. It's not just in the West that new millionaires are making their fortunes. Wealth creation growth is exploding in the Emerging Markets, and in Asia in particular. Luxury brands companies are aggressively targeting this new demographic.

Worldwide economic growth, rising income and wealth levels, and ongoing global urbanization are all factors fuelling the development of this prestigious sector.

Thanks to the growing global online personal luxury goods market, these items are now accessible to a greater number of people. The consumption of luxury brands by middle-class buyers is yet another key driver propelling growth in this flourishing sector.

An investment in
timeless design

The new rich of the Asia-Pacific region, which is seeing the globe's biggest increase in millionaire households, are making their presence felt on the economic stage.

An investment in the luxury brands sector is, therefore, not only an investment in world-renowned names dating back generations, but also in the immense buying power of these new wealthy consumers.

Our Luxury Brands Fund seeks to target this rapid shift in consumerism by carefully selecting only the most aspirational names with superior brand power, solid fundamentals and enduring customer loyalty.


Our philosophy is to adhere to a well-defined investment process with strong investment principals. This is essential to achieve long-term success through all market cycles. The goal is to find the right companies within our target sector with the most compelling valuations that offer the highest likelihood for success.

Research Methodology

We screen the market and focus on three primary factors: valuation analysis, fundamentals as well as the macro environment.

The goal is to not only determine a company's opportunity for success, but also gauge the industry, economy, and political atmosphere in which it operates—a critical step often ignored by other firms. After reviewing the data, the Investment Committee selects those companies that present the maximum potential for investment success.

Finally, we rigorously monitor volatility at an asset and portfolio level to ensure risk remains controlled regardless of trading conditions.


Luxury Goods 27.00%
Footwear & Accessories 9.10%
Apparel Manufacturing 8.20%
Auto Manufacturers 8.20%
Beverages - Wineries & Distilleries 7.10%
Household & Personal Products 5.90%
Resorts & Casinos 5.90%
Apparel Stores 4.70%
Lodging 3.50%
Aerospace & Defense 2.40%
Consumer Electronics 2.40%
Leisure 2.40%
Recreational Vehicles 2.40%
Specialty Retail 2.40%
Airlines 1.20%
Banks - Global 1.20%
Department Stores 1.20%
Home Furnishings & Fixtures 1.20%
Media - Diversified 1.20%
Publishing 1.20%
Software - Application 1.20%


    Minimum Initial Investment: Institutional Class – GBP 1,000, USD 1,000 EUR 1,000, CHF 1,000
    Minimum Initial Investment: Retail Class – GBP 1,000, USD 1,000 EUR 1,000, CHF 1,000




LVMH Moet Hennessy
Louis Vuitton SA
Luxury Goods LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA is an international luxury goods producer and Louis Vuitton SA distributor formed in 1987. The Company has a portfolio of over 60 brands and an international retail network of 3384 stores. It (Louis Vuitton) merged with Moet Hennessey which was formed by the 1971 merger of Moet & Chandon and Hennessy to become LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA. It has various brands namely, Tag Heuer, Fendi, Hennessy, Krug, Zenith etc.
Christian Dior SA Luxury Goods Christian Dior SA was incorporated on October 8, 1946. It is engaged in manufacture and dissemination of prestige products. It provides wines and spirits, fashion and leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, and watches and jewelry, and engages in selective retailing under different brands. Other activities and holding companies comprise brands and businesses that are not associated with any of the abovementioned business groups, most often relating to the Company's new businesses and holding or real estate companies.
Estee Lauder Cos Inc Household & Personal Products Estee Lauder Cos Inc was founded in 1946. The Company is engaged in manufacturing & marketing skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products. The Company's Aramis and Designer Fragrances division creates, markets and distributes fragrance and other beauty products, including brand names; Aramis, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Coach and Tory Burch. The Company's products are sold in approximately over 150 countries and territories under a number of brand names including: Estee Lauder, Aramis, Clinique, Origins, Bobbi Brown, La Mer and Aveda.
Prada SpA Luxury Goods Prada SpA, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the design, production and distribution of high-end leather goods, handbags, footwear, apparel, accessories, eyewear and fragrances.
Pernod Ricard NV Beverages -
Wineries &
Pernod Ricard NV was founded in 1975. The Company is engaged in the production and sale of spirits and wines. Its brand portfolio includes ABSOLUT Premium Vodka, Ricard pastis, Ballantine's, Chivas Regal, The Glenlivet Scotch whiskies, Jameson's Irish Whiskey, Martell cognac, Havana Club rum, Beefeater gin, Kahlua and Malibu liqueurs, Mumm, and Perrier-Jouet champagnes, as well Jacob's Creek and Montana wines. The Company operates in France, Europe, the Americas, and Asia.
Daimler AG Automotive Manufacturers The Company develops, manufactures, distributes and sells automotive products, mainly passenger cars, trucks, vans and buses. It also provides financial and other services relating to its automotive businesses. It reports the following five segments: Mercedes-Benz Cars; Daimler Trucks; Mercedes-Benz Vans; Daimler Buses; and Daimler Financial Services. Mercedes-Benz Cars designs, produces and sells Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, Maybach high-end luxury sedans and smart micro compact passenger cars.
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Automotive Manufacturers Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, founded in 1916, manufactures automobiles and motorcycles worldwide. The Company's activities are divided into three segments: the Automobiles, the Motorcycles, and the Financial Services segments. The Automobiles segment engages in the development, manufacture, assembly, and sale of cars and off-road vehicles, under the brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, as well as spare parts and accessories.
Hermès International Luxury Goods Hermes International was created on June 1, 1938. The Company was taken public on the Second March of the Paris Stock Market on 3 June 1993. It has been listed on the Eurolist by Euronext (Compartment A) since 2005. The Company designs, produces, and distributes personal luxury accessories and apparel. It operates a chain of boutiques that sells items such as leather, scarves, men's clothes, ties, women's fashions & jewelry.
Swatch Group AG Luxury Goods Swatch Group AG and its subsidiaries are engaged in manufacturing and sale of finished watches, jewelry. It also provides electronic systems used in watchmaking and other industries. The Company operates in two business segments: Watches & Jewelry segment manufactures and sells watches and jewelry and Electronic Systems segment designs, produces and commercializes electronic components, Sports timing activities.
Kering Footwear & Accessories Kering was incorporated on June 24, 1881. The Company is engaged in the manufacture of apparel and accessory brands that operate within two sectors - Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle.

*Portfolio holdings may change over time.

Fund Information

You should consider the Fund's investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before you invest. The Prospectus details the Fund's objective and poilicies, charges, and other matters of interest to the prospective investor. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing.

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